We’ve got the entire learning spectrum covered for life sciences customers

Actando has set out to change the way people learn at work. We do this through innovative learning methods that complement how people naturally learn and an experiential learning methodology served up in a way that fits with their lives. The results are employees who can thrive during market change and companies who can stop playing catch up and start operating successfully in today’s fast-paced world. 

We make learning
stick in today’s

We make learning stick in today’s world

Learning made easier

Storytelling and information design helps make learning easier by fostering richer engagement and deeper understanding. We keep people engaged throughout with videos, audio and quizzes.

Practice simulations that feel like real life

Simulation is one of the most powerful ways to instill new concepts. Our technology creates real-life sciences scenarios to help learners practice quickly apply concepts in the real world.

Enabling continuous development

If knowledge is to stick, learning needs to be part of everyday life and accessible anywhere at any time. Microlearning serves up bite-sized information across many digital channels.

We make it relevant for life sciences

We’ve seen a lot of change occur in life sciences—and recognize that quickly adapting to this change is not easy. Success in this industry requires specific knowledge and skills and we work hard to acquire and offer this expertise to our clients. Our team is made up of a diverse group of experts that touch each aspect of life sciences—whether it be commercial excellence, sales, marketing or executive management.

We know this world and its unique aspects and can help you adapt and succeed as quickly as possible.

We help you make learning a success story in your organization

Change can be hard, which is why we want to be there for the entire process—not just the fun stuff. We listen until we fully understand, customize solutions based on the need, and stick around to make it happen.

Our team is committed to creating environments of continuous learning, so we work hard to arm you with all the relevant impact data and recommendations to help your organization keep climbing.

A learning methodology is only part of the equation—robust programs help bring  learning to life