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Quickly adapting to market trends
in life sciences is hard to do

Continuous change in life sciences—coupled with the learning needed to keep up with it—have created the perception that training is an extra burden within already-busy work lives. Actando’s comprehensive approach appeals to the way people naturally learn and helps them apply concepts to real life sciences scenarios so they can thrive in today’s rapidly changing world.

For employees to thrive in this ever-evolving marketplace, companies must leverage training that sticks

We’ve got the entire learning spectrum covered

Actando has set out to change the way people learn at work. We do this through innovative learning methods that complement how people naturally learn and an experiential learning methodology served up in a way that fits with their lives. The result is employees who can thrive in the midst of market change and companies who can stop playing catch up and start operating successfully in today’s fast-paced world.

We make learning
stick in today’s

We make it
relevant for life

We help you make
learning a success story
in your organization

A learning methodology is only part of the equation. Robust programs help bring learning to life

Learning and development programs

The power of our learning methodology comes down to our comprehensive programs. We know that people learn best when they have a robust variety of content in different formats over time. Our programs have been created to help assess skill level, serve up a variety of information across eLearning and simulations and provide a clear view of post-learning progress. All programs can be customized to meet your needs.






Our learning programs have been successfully implemented across many life sciences organizations 

Who we work with

Relationships make us tick. Our management team prides itself on building meaningful relationships with our life-sciences clients and providing them with the best learning solutions. We listen to your needs, customize solutions based on those needs, and ensure that employees are learning in an imaginative and engaging way.


What people say about us:

Our team is dedicated to create a learning program that motivates and empowers colleagues to achieve business objectives

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